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  • Project demonstration will be held soon.

  • Patents
    • B. Singh, B. K. Panigrahi, N. Kumar and I. Hussain, “Oscillation Free and Rapid Maximum Power Extraction from PV Panel using Voltage Sensorless Model Predictive Adaptive Control,” Indian Patent Application No.: 201811017012.

    • B. Singh, B. K. Panigrahi, N. Kumar and I. Hussain, “Fifth-Order Generalized Integrator with Reduced Sensor Topology for Robust Estimation of Fundamental Parameters from Grid Voltage and Control of 3-phase 2-stage Grid Integrated Solar PV Energy Conversion System,” Indian Patent Application No.: 201711037832.

    • S.K. Chattopadhyay and C. Chakraborty "Fault Tolerant Voltage Source Converter System with Open Loop Control of Wave-Shapers," Indian Patent Application No.: 201731018873, 29 May. 2017.

    • S.K. Chattopadhyay and C. Chakraborty "Hybrid asymmetrical multilevel inverter," Indian Patent Application No.: 201731046611, 26 Dec. 2017.

    • Rajesh V, S.K. Chattopadhyay and C. Chakraborty "A single dc source driven asymmetric multilevel inverter," Indian Patent Application No.: 201831003729, 31 Jan. 2018.

  • UK-India JVCEC White Paper Launch Event (Online) on 27th April, 2021. This is a free event, but registration is required. Details can be found in this link. http://www.juice-centre.org.uk/news_post/white-paper-solar-integration-in-the-uk-and-india-technical-barriers-and-future-directions-published/.

  • Prof. Bhim Singh has received "Academic Excellence Award" at "National Power Systems Conference-NPSC 2018".

  • Prof. Ranjan Mallik has received "Basic Research Award".

  • Prof. Tim Green, Imperial College London, has been elected to Fellow of IEEE this year.

  • "Development of R&D Platform for Smart City Pilot Projects in the Indian Context" (PI: Prof. Saikat Chakrabarti) has won India Smart Grid Forum (IGSF) Innovation Award 2019.

  • MNIT Jaipur is conferred as the Best Institution of Higher Learning in Wind Energy in the "IREDA-NIWE Annual Awards for Wind Energy 2019"

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    Contact: Haimanti Bhattacherjee
    Department of Electrical Engineering,
    Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur,
    Kharagpur 721302
    email-id: haimantibhattacherjee@gmail.com
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